Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Uruguay - Colonia del Sacramento

Our first stop in Uruguay was a sleepy little town called Colonia del Sacramento which is renound for its historic centre. The easiest way to cross from Argentina to Uruguay was by getting a ferry across the Rio de la Plata which only took about an hour.
Here we had one of the best meals of the trip in this cool little restaurant.  We were the only people there, the chef was just hanging around outside when we walked by and were lured in by the music and all the antique knick-knacks.  The chef was really friendly even though we found it almost impossible to understand Uruguayan Spanish, and he offered to split all the courses between us so we could taste everything that he made freshly for us, including the pasta. There were only five tables in the restaurant, three inside and two outside, everything was served in matching antique dishes from an old sideboard.

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